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We are a team of native English speakers who earned Ph.D. degrees at prestigious universities in the United States. We bring decades of academic and industry experience to our editing and writing services. We have published in high impact scientific journals and served as reviewers for academic journals of various medical specialties. We have received competitive grant funding in addition to mentoring graduate students, post-docs, and fellows. We understand the importance and confidentiality of your work. You can rest assured that our skill set is optimal for your needs. 

Dr. Aprahamian's writing and editing experience runs parallel to her scientific career, which began two decades ago in a research laboratory. Working in the Boston area, one of the most prominent corridors of life sciences industries and academic institutions, Dr. Aprahamian has seen research move from the bench to bedside. She has experienced firsthand, the importance of disseminating basic and clinical research to the scientific community, in order for the world to make greater strides in advancing research to develop novel disease therapies. As a result, the goal of JetPub is to produce high-quality scientific and clinical documentation in order to ensure timely success of preclinical and clinical research, early drug market development, and beyond. 

You have worked hard, researching important ideas that will impact not only the scientific community, but also the world...Our goal is to accurately, quickly, and responsibly communicate your scientific and clinical data so that you can achieve your deliverables and advance your timelines.

Dr. Tamar Aprahamian is the founder and president of JetPub Scientific. She graduated from Boston College with a degree in Biology, and earned her Ph.D. in Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology from Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts. She also holds credentials as a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®). Dr. Aprahamian is an Assistant Professor at the Boston University School of Medicine where her research focuses on understanding cardiovascular and metabolic complications in autoimmunity and obesity. Dr. Aprahamian has been awarded competitive NIH and foundation grants, and has managed preclinical studies for industry-sponsored research in her lab. She has published original research and review articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and she serves as a reviewer for grant study sections and academic journals.